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Audiofile Earphones Award

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Earphones Award Winner

by Harriet Kline | Read by Mary Jane Wells, Jenny Sterlin, Sam Newton, Simon Hedger, Ella Lynch, Nano Nagle, Steve Fortune

Fiction • 8.25 hrs. • Unabridged • © 2021

"An ensemble of talented narrators enhances the humanity of the family members in Harriet Kline's beautifully conceived novel. After Rich is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, the shock reverberates through the lives of his wife, Ruth; his son, 11-year-old Ollie, who's on the autism spectrum; Rich's parents, Marjorie and Gerald; Ruth's mother, Angran (Ollie's combining of Angela and Grandma); and Ruth's sister, Nessa. Delivered in crisp, insightful monologues, all the narrations are top-notch--but Sam Newton, as Ollie, is superb. Newton offers a completely believable first-person account of a child with autism who is searching for meaning in his dad's death. Mary Jane Wells makes Ruth's depression real, and Jenny Sterlin's flawless performance as cantankerous Angran delivers her unsentimental coping strategies. This audiobook is a must-listen."

S.J.H. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2021, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2021]

Author feedback

"So thrilled with this recording, Ella

has done a gorgeous job with my little world." - Anna Mansell author of The Man I Loved Before

"Ella Lynch leant her talents to three titles in a series I produced and I couldn’t be happier.  Her narration was charming and playful and just what the audiobooks needed.  In addition to her performance, she was such a pleasure to work with - professional, efficient, conscientious, and always great about communication.  Looking forward to future projects."


Pete Cross, MFA

"I absolutely enjoyed listening to it the whole way through and loved every minute... You've been a pleasure to work with." - Campbell Davies author Netherfield Proposal


"Ella, Ella, Ella! I AM OVERWHELMED WITH THANKS AND PRAISE!! You've had me crying with laughter! You are SUCH A HUGE TALENT!!!!! Oh my goodness I feel totally honoured to have you narrating this novel, you've made it 1000% better than it ever was and I am in absolute awe of you! Wow! Speechless! ... You are an utter superstar!!!!! Seriously what a gift you have!!! I loved every single second of it!!!!" - Kiki Archer, author Too Late... I Love You


"I love it... Thanks so much for all your hard work on this!" - A E Radley, author The Road Ahead


"Ella brought this book to life! I’m thrilled with her narration.... I’m so thrilled with your work. Thank you! I can’t thank you enough for bringing this story to life!" - Rachel Ellyn, author Pixie Shoes


"I really do love the way Ella reads with such emotion and feeling. The accent helps to make it all the more dramatic." - M. Claire Gager, author Always In My Heart


"I'm very pleased with the final version of the final book. I'm glad I chose you for the series, and hope others enjoy listening to you read the books as much as I have." - Victoria Zigler, author Zeena Dragon Fae series

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Praise for Lost in the Starlight

"If you want to escape into a nicely written lesbian romance, written with a light and humorous touch, then this is the book for you. Beautifully narrated by Ella Lynch"

"“Lost In The Starlight” is an entertaining and enjoyable romance between two very different women. Narrator Ella Lynch did a terrific job; she really helped keep my interest...I rate the narration for “Lost In The Starlight” 5*"

"The narrator also did a good job with character voices and voice tone. She did really well conveying the light and fun tone of the story with her voice."

"I smiled the entire time I was listening to this

I really enjoyed listening to this! Ella Lynch did an amazing job with the narration and Kiki Archer always writes a fantastic story. I think I was literally smiling the entire I was listening to this. It was marvelous!"

"A wonderful book with PERFECT narration i also loved the accents and voices. It was so sweet I loved it"

"Terrific narration, accents & voices. Loved it!"

"Narrator Ella Lynch once again encapsulates Archer’s characters and story with her clear, smooth, and bubbly voice."

"This one was fantastic and the narrator superb."

The Man I Loved Before cover.jpg

Praise for The Man I Loved Before

"This title dragged me mercilessly through a wider range of emotions than I was aware I was capable of experiencing from an audiobook. The story is written very well, delicately moving the main character through her development at a measured, careful, sometimes almost unbearably slow pace while keeping tension with the supporting characters. The author does a very good job of compounding stressors and wraps up lose ends very neatly. The narration is uncomprimisingly superb throughout, with unique, believable and consistent voices for each individual. An excellent use of a credit."

"I adored this book. the narration was spot on and I must say it had me feeling all the feels."

"As usual, I am in love with the performance by narrator Ella Lynch. 13 seconds into the story, her tone was tugging at my heart strings and entwining an even more intense connection to the novel. Such a great book and I would highly recommend."

"loved loved loved it!!!"

Say You'll Love Me Again.jpg

Praise for Say You'll Love Me Again

"Laughing from start to finish. Such a funny storyline delivered with excellent narration that added to the hilarity. Highly recommend."

"Excellent book with a great plot that kept me guessing. The characters were all 3 dimensional and brilliantly brought to life. The narrator is consistently excellent. There are some steamy adult bits. Well worth a credit."

"A fab story, which is emphasised and expressed by wonderful reading by Ella Lynch. Great humour and character portrayals. I felt I formed a relationship with the characters and their individuality :) Brilliant story and reading!"

"The narrator, Ella Lynch, is an absolutely divine storyteller. She has a calming tone to her voice, which is an amazingly simultaneous blend of soothing and captivating all at once. There is something so personal about the way she narrates a story. It feels more like a close friend in the room, recalling a story of her life rather than the plot of a novel. I love this as it makes the entire experience more authentic and allows for a genuine connection with the characters. Highly recommend!"

Too Late... I Love You cover art.jpg

Praise for Too Late... I Love You

"The audiobook is exquisitely narrated by Ella Lynch, whose narration of A.E. Radley’s The Road Ahead I’d also enjoyed very much (plus, I’m always impressed by a narrator who manages to make children voices sound real), and I have the feeling Kiki Archer’s books work really well in audio, what with the quirky characters and entertaining dialogue. I hope I’ll get a chance to listen to another one soon."

"A few reviews ago I would say this is not my normal genre, however I have listened to a fair few similar titles to date so at last have a background for comparison.

Too Late... I Love You is a surprising delight. The characters are well rounded and identifiable. My favourite is the tyrannical mother-in-law who is just so delectably hate-able, and marvellously narrated; I've never known an audiobook character to be so believable. The same can be said for the rest of the cast. The narrator has done an incredible job giving all the characters their own individual and consistent voices
The plot is well structured and paced. The ups and downs of ending and burgeoning relationships is explored, in intertwining and often overlapping narratives.
If you want a listen with varied cast of interesting characters expertly narrated, I would recommend Too Late... I Love You."

"This brilliant book had me hooked from the beginning, I laughed, cried and spent moments on the edge of my seat.
The narrator brought the characters to life beautifully, teamed with the twists and turns and the emotional intelligence of the story line it depicted a realistic and enthralling love story, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

"I was only a few chapters in and knew I was going to love this book. As a new mother, a new writer and a new friendship leads Connie to take a good hard look at her life. While she attempts to do her best on all fronts she is made to feel less than by an unhappy partner. Her best friend sees it, her new Mommy friend sees it and in her writing she begins to see it. Throw questioning her sexuality and you have the makings of an often funny wild ride of young motherhood. The dialog is real (I’ve heard myself and others say these things) The characters are well developed and ring true. I found myself laughing out loud throughout the book in spite of the emotional topics. It’s light hearted without being frivolous. This book hit on so many topics I’m afraid to mention because “spoilers”.
The narration was excellent. Each characters voice is pitch perfect. Distinct voices which is a challenge due to that great dialogue I mentioned earlier. I will actually look for more by this Narrator and I’ve already purchased another book by this author!"

"Great writing and great narration combine in Too Late...I Love You to draw listeners into a very sweet emotional story that feels true to life. There are no moments where you find yourself saying, "That would never happen." Kiki Archer has penned a work with a very sentimental feel to it that when you're finished, you'll feel like you have had more of an experience than simply just listening to an audiobook."

Truly Deadly cover art.jpg

Praise for Truly Deadly

"The narrator was really well chosen - she has a voice that's very easy to listen to, and did a great job portraying the main character, as well as everything and everyone else."

"I listened to this book as an audiobook and really enjoyed it, it is an action packed teenage novel from the perspective of a coming of age teen who has just had a recent heart transplant and the changes she experiences after this, I can see this appealing to teenage girls, but I must admit I was particularly impressed by the narrator and her portral of the character Phillipe who I was completely engrossed by, a fun teenage novel that I would recommend"

Netherfield Proposal cover.jpg

Praise for Netherfield Proposal

"I didn't know what to expect from this type of novel but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot is intriguing and consistently great, the characters expertly brought to life through emotive and often very comedic narrating. Would definitely recommend."

"This is one of the best Pride and Prejudice variations I have listened to. Really Great!"

"Fantastic retelling! I loved this story. I loved how the author remained true to the original, while spinning a fresh new tale of “what if...?” The reader was fantastic as well, and I’m super picky about audiobook readers! She had a great voice with perfect inflections and did really well differentiating between characters."

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Praise for The House Beneath The Oak Trees

"Tense and atmospheric! I love a good ghost story and this was such a gripping, atmospheric book. Thoroughly enjoyed the mix of characters, the family dynamic and the creepy goings on...Ella Lynch’s narration is beautifully warm and so easy to listen to. She really brings the story and characters to life."

"Chilling! This was a surprising find. I haven't listened to much from this genre and found it really enjoyable. The story itself is well paced, going from subtly chilling to borderline terrifying in a heartbeat, and clever twists with 3 dimensional characters all add up to make a very well written piece.

The narration was similarly excellent. The characters were clearly delineated each with their own recognisable accent and cadence. Again, very well paced and deeply engaging.
Again, would definitely recommend."

The Road Ahead.jpg

Praise for The Road Ahead

"The narrator is excellent and conveys the scenes wonderfully. So thank you to A E Radley for writing such an enjoyable escape and Ella Lynch whose narration gave it a distinct personality!!!"

"I loved the audio edition of The Road Ahead. I had already read and loved the ebook edition. So good on audio. Excellent story, great characters. Ella Lynch does an excellent job with the narration."

"The Road Ahead is a sweet and funny slow burn romance by A.E. Radley. Ella Lynch did a great job with the narration."

"Ella's voice is a joy to hear and she cleverly defined each character. 10/10 for Ella."

"I did not know what to expect from this author, but I really enjoyed this audio book. The characters were likable, the dialogue was witty, and their adventure was adorable. I was hoping for a sex scene, but... it was still great! The narrator did an amazing job with both accents."

supernova coverart.jpg

Praise for Supernova

"Supernova focuses on a small group of teenagers struggling to navigate their new world of complex social interactions while beset on all sides by too little spoken about, and often ignored, adolecent mental health issues. It is a novel that shines a light on these difficulties, giving rare and sorely needed attention to a complex subject that is often ignored. The author does a fantastic job of doing this without sounding lecturing or preachy. The characters are well rounded and interesting, the story is touching and painfully familiar. If your personal experiences don't resonate with this book it is doubtful you were ever a teenager.

The narration is handled expertly and is utterly flawless throughout, bringing each character to life with their own voice, inflections, and accent. The range of the narrator is remarkable, giving equally distinct and believable performances to all the varied characters.

Overall a superb read/listen that had me laughing one minute and sobbing the next. It is not often I grieve for a completed book, but this one will have me in black for a month."

"This is the most meaningful book I have listened to in a while.It has an important message to tell and does it in a very tactful way, it discusses the fragility of mental health through the eyes of teenagers in the late 90's, considering how they think of themselves and how death can affect a young teenagers life. As a secondary school teacher it made me revaluate some of the actions that my pupils do and how sometimes they could just be a cry for attention or be masking something deeper.
The narrator does an excellent job, making each character individualistic and have their own personality, absorbing you into the story making the story seem much more real.
It is not a perfect book, with some scenes obviously created by a female, in that as a man who has played a lot of rugby and football, the idea of teenage boys standing around a changing room rating girls being completely untrue and stereotyped.
While some chapters I could not believe in one of the main characters "Tom" as I could see that is not how he would act or think but an interpretation by a female.
However this is a book trying to tackle a very difficult issue in modern society and it does that very well, it is a book I will recommend to some of my students and it is the first audio book that has made me emotional enough to cry."

pixie shoes coverart.jpg

Praise for Pixie Shoes

"A Beautiful, Antique-style Fairy Tale.
Exquisitely-crafted and performed, the Pixie Shoes audiobook is a delightful story of a newborn fairy's self-realization. The story itself feels as if it were written in the 19th century, all in a good way. Rachel Ellyn employs a pretty prose style combined with colorful characters while Ella Lynch masterfully narrates and performs the material. This is a perfect audiobook to play for your child before bedtime."

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