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A little about me


My name is Ella Lynch, I am an experienced British audiobook narrator and nature-loving bare-footed treasure seeker on an ever-evolving journey of connection and expansion through the art of storytelling.

I am an empathetic, married mum of 1, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a mental health advocate.  My lived experiences inform my art, helping me deeply connect with the intentions behind words and relay them intuitively to the listener. 

I gained a triple distinction in my (BTEC) National Diploma in Performing Arts from Truro College, and have been working as a professional audiobook narrator since 2018.  In this time I have narrated almost 100 audiobooks, voiced numerous healthcare explainer videos for the NHS, provided VO for children’s animated audiobooks and even dubbed a Russian commercial!

I have a particular passion and flair for Magical Realism, Literary Fiction and LGBTQIA+ Romance and Comedy, and as a voracious reader myself I absolutely thrive on bringing all words, across multiple genres, to life for listeners.


As a child I listened to the same 5 “story-tapes” on a loop.  They helped me feel safe at night and transported me to other worlds.  Now, as a narrator, my dream is to provide the same experience for my listeners, to take them outside of themselves and into the world of the story, and there is no deeper honour to me than the intimacy of that connection; elevating the author’s words and connecting them to the listener’s heart and soul.

When I'm not in my booth you will likely find me walking my dog on the beach, paddleboarding an estuary, exploring the UK in my self-built campervan, playing boardgames and cooking up delicious plant-based feasts for my family.  A vegan of over 20 years,  I love crochet, painting, fires, swimming and hoola-hooping as well as meditating, practicing Reiki and EFT tapping and deep, heart-felt connection.

 My Home Studio


At my home in Exeter, Devon, UK, I have a custom-built sound-treated vocal booth, approved for home-recording by PRH, Harper, Blackstone, Dreamscape, Podium, Deyan, Tantor and more!

This includes my:

Rode NT1-a Microphone

Pop shield

Boom arm

Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 interface


Macbook Air


AKG Sonic Gold headphones

Beyerdynamic dt252 headphones

Superfast BT Fibre broadband

Experienced with Punch and Roll

Available for remote direction

For a full library of audiobooks narrated by Ella Lynch click on your preferred audio streaming service below symbol.png
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