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OMG OMG OMG I can finally tell you....

This Shining Life by Harriet Kline is now available to buy!!

This was my first multi-cast production, as well as my first production for Penguin Random House Audio, and my first live-directed via zoom production too. What a lot of firsts!

This Shining Life is so beautiful, so poignant, so emotional, so deep and multi-faceted and so so so so so good!

I had the honour of narrating the part of Nessa, and I loved it so much. I was so nervous stepping in to the booth to be live-directed by Richard Hughes for PRH. I mean, come on, it's PRH Audio, like this was me actualising my life-long dreams... I did NOT want to mess this up. I wanted to do my portion of this beautifully woven story justice, and I of course wanted PRH to love me so much that they choose to hire me again and again and again. So a bit of pressure heaped on to myself, by myself.

It was amazing though. I was completely honest with my director Richard, I told him how nervous and excited I was and how big of a deal this was for me, and he was so genuine, kind and just all round lovely. Within 10 minutes of starting I was hooked. I was in. I was completely within Nessa's narrative and just as it is when I am deep in narrating a good book, I was THERE. It didn't matter that this was for PRH or that Richard was the other end of the mic via zoom. It was me, and Nessa, and Ruth, Ollie and Angran and and and... it was just magical.

When we got to the last chapter I was narrating I said to Richard how I didn't want it to end. I mean this book is exquisitely written. Truly. Why did it have to end?! But it did, and I was walking on cloud 9 for the rest of the day (and beyond)... I did it. It was just like it always is, I was more than capable, and it was wonderful to have a lovely sounding board who gave me such praise and gentleness. Wow.

And now it is here. And if you are in the US you can get yourself a copy of our production. I myself am waiting to listen to the whole thing. I cannot wait. I can't wait to hear everyone else's performance, and see how this intricately woven masterpiece blends and flows and pulls on my heartstrings. Just reading it to myself in preperation for narrating I was so overcome, and audiobooks are a whole nother level of immersion. I can't wait.

If you listen to it, please let me know, and please leave a review too. I know we will all appreciate it.

All love,

Ella x

Link to buy it is here and via the button below....

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