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Back to normality?

Yesterday was my first "normal" back to work day. But it didn't start out all that normal... I spent the entire morning at the doctor's surgery, having an ECG, bloods and examination as I had left sided chest pain and tingling and numbness in my left arm and hand. I was pretty terrified I was having a heart attack at the ripe old age of 35.

I wasn't.

But boy am I grateful that my GP took me seriously and double checked everything. I have something called costochondritis; probably secondary to the COVID I recently had. The bits of tissue between my ribs are inflamed. And the numbness and tingling? She couldn't explain, but she ruled out all the nasty things, so it was probably another wonderful stress and anxiety related physical manifestation 🤪

You know what was wonderful though? After all that, and some lunch, I was able to calmly enter my booth and start recording a new book. And enjoy the process. And it has been what feels like forever since I started a new book recording, and felt well and present and in the moment.

The rest of the day was similarly dramatic to the beginning of it, and boy did I sleep well last night 😆

Today I am gearing up to record again. I've walked the dog

and eaten a delicious vegan croissant (thank you Aldi for stocking these in Veganuary, I really really wish you would sell them all year round, as they are delicious!)

Going to do some EFT tapping and a warm up and then hop into the booth and back to 1868 in Cumbria 😊

May your day be as beautiful as you are, and may you stay present and connected to your breath, and remember that even when everything feels wildly out of control or like it's all going wrong, it will pass, nothing ever stays the same. Promise ❤️

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1 opmerking

10 jan. 2023

SO so pleased your GP took you seriously AND that it isn’t serious😍

Sending all lo💕e & healing thoughts to you gorgeous😘

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