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A timely new release

It's winter. It's grey, it's gloomy. I live with anxiety. And I am approached by Z. Slator and asked to narrate his self-help book about managing stress and anxiety. Z. tells me he has been searching for the ideal narrator and has listened to hundreds of voices, and that he feels mine is the one.

I am honoured and absolutely thrilled to be asked to narrate an audiobook on a subject so close to my heart. Maybe I will learn some new skills myself along the way!

Z. is clearly really passionate about this subject. He has absolutely packed this book with information about stress and anxiety and a huge array of exercises to help manage them when they appear in your life.

It was a real pleasure to work on this book. The feedback from Z. was wonderful:

"I wanted to again say, thank you very much! You voice, the mood you set and the way you deliver it with exceptional sound quality is absolutely amazing! I've listened to A LOT of actors voices, their quality, etc. Yours by far is amazing! I can not stress that enough. Like I stated in the beginning, you can't put a price on talent and passion. I'm thankful, I get to have your voice and passion on this project as I just want to give people another option to try and help with their suffering. Well done!" - Z. Slator, Author.

And now it's here! It is available to purchase, with 5 star reviews already on Audible!

Even as someone who has lived with anxiety for years and years I found some new tools to help me navigate it, so I really would recommend this book. You can buy your copy here. And hear a sample below!

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