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Books 1-3 in Jolie Vines' Wild Scots series, these books are sure to get your heart racing with all the adventure and heat and Jolie's fast paced, fantastic writing.  Listeners are raving!

"I devoured Hard Nox as soon as it came out and it was utter perfection." 5*

"The story was such a good one, and now that it's in audiobook form, I love it even more." 5*

"I loved reading this book but I think listening to it just topped that and that doesnt happen(at least for me haha)!! I loved how Ella brought Skye to life and how Frank definitely sounded like what I thought Artair would sound like!! Again, I think I could have listened to them both all day" 5*

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This Shining Life by Harriet Kline won the cast an Audiofile Earphones Award for our ensemble performance.  I had the privilege of voicing Nessa.  As an awatrd-winner, it's not to be missed.

"An ensemble of talented narrators enhances the humanity of the family members in Harriet Kline's beautifully conceived novel. After Rich is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, the shock reverberates through the lives of his wife, Ruth; his son, 11-year-old Ollie, who's on the autism spectrum; Rich's parents, Marjorie and Gerald; Ruth's mother, Angran (Ollie's combining of Angela and Grandma); and Ruth's sister, Nessa. Delivered in crisp, insightful monologues, all the narrations are top-notch"

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The Royal Weddings series from Dreamscape Media LLC was such fun to narrate and is a lovely set of sweet romances that you are sure to enjoy, each written by different authors but focusing on the same set of characters, with a different main character for each book.  They are just lovely!

Renovations on Tregarrick Rock Hotel are coming along, and Evie Mead thinks they just might be done by opening day. Then one of her sister Margot’s old Hollywood friends, Louise, arrives unannounced - and expects VIP treatment. 

Evie has half a mind to tell Louise to find other accommodations, but Margot pleads with Evie, saying that Louise - despite her upbeat and demanding attitude - is grieving her recently deceased husband. Evie pities her, and, besides, the sisters need help. A simple rewiring project has resulted in a major overhaul of the hotel, and they’re way over budget. The small life insurance policy left to Evie by her own husband is gone, and they are desperate for funds. Margot believes that Louise, a marketing guru, can put the hotel on the map and give it the boost it needs. 

But when a member of the hotel staff is found dead and then another murder follows, the sisters’ plans crumble before their eyes. Who would do such a thing - and why? In a rollicking adventure involving a shipwreck filled with buried treasure, a dashing and mysterious Australian named Randy, and old rivalries stretching back to far before Evie and Margot ever set foot on the island, it’s all hands on deck to find the killer - and save the hotel.

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