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The Long Night.jpg

The Long Night

By award-winning author Lucy Felthouse

Forever is a long time for a vampire… but is all that about to change for Lailah?

Lailah’s neighbour, Loulou, is well known for hosting wild, extravagant events, so as Lailah heads over there for the much-anticipated annual Halloween bash, she thinks she’s prepared for pretty much anything. Soon after arriving, though, she discovers Loulou has outdone herself—and presented Lailah, who, as well as being an actual vampire, has come in fancy dress as one, with the opportunity to have a little joke at her own expense.

What Lailah’s not prepared for, however, is the appearance of three gorgeous men in uniform. Their out-of-place getup piques Lailah’s curiosity, and as polite conversation turns to flirtation, Lailah gets the weirdest feeling nothing is ever going to be the same again.

But how will Luke, Leo and Jack react when they discover Lailah’s vampirism isn’t just for Hallowee

Binding Devotion.jpg

Binding Devotion

By award-winning author Kiki Archer

"What's more important...the bond of marriage or the pull of desire?"
"But what's more powerful?"
Andi Armstrong is the 29-year-old CEO of the UK's largest LGBT campaigning organisation, Proud Unity. She's a public figure, an empowering speaker, a devoted boss and a loyal wife. Or so she thought.
Having spent the past seven years fighting for the marriage rights of same-sex couples, she can't imagine that her own civil partnership might actually be failing. She committed for life. She's bound by law. She's an example of how it works.... Andi Armstrong knows that she has to make it work. She wants it to work.
But what happens when desire takes over...when the pull is too strong? Should Andi sacrifice everything, her beliefs and her loyalty...for desire, for excitement, for happiness...for love?
For someone who isn't her wife?
Binding Devotion is a saucy and topical lesbian fiction novel that will leave you questioning the intricacies of commitment in the face of unexpected infidelity.

The Setup.jpeg

The Setup

By T.B. Markinson

Can a weekend change your fate?
As soon as Rory Price’s plane touches down in Britain for her two-year work contract, she has big plans to see and experience everything she can. The one thing that isn’t on the 27-year old’s agenda is a relationship.
Tell that to her matchmaking British friend who sets Rory up on a coffee date on her first full day in the new country.
Imogen Wright doesn’t want any more complications in her life. The only thing she’s considering committing to is adopting a dog.
Their blind date starts off disastrous, but there might be more than meets the eye.
Will the two headstrong women continue to clash, or will they see what’s so obvious to their matchmaking friend?
Best-selling lesbian romance author TB Markinson, has written a touching and quirky novella about finding love when you least expect it. Listen to it it today!

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Search and Rescue by Lucy Felthouse

Book 1 in The Dreadnoughts romance series

Kim’s trying to save the world—but is she actually going to make things worse?

Kim Medhurst is an ex-British military intelligence officer turned scientist and climate activist. A thrilling, potentially world-changing discovery leads her to a cave on a remote island off the Scottish coast. But before she can return to the mainland, a natural disaster traps her in the cave with limited food and water. Fortunately, she is an intelligent and resourceful woman who made a backup plan even before she stepped out of her own front door.

Enter Jason Chastain—owner and operator of a private security firm—and his friends Aidan Smith and twins Taylor and Joshua Greig. The foursome are also ex-military, so rescuing Kim should be a walk in the park for them. However, her discovery is so top secret she hasn’t even told Chastain and his buddies precisely what their mission is—instead relying on money and intrigue to get them to do the job. It works, until a series of events turn the rescue mission into an escape mission. Throw in a further revelation that will change all of their lives irrevocably and Kim begins to wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

Should she have left things well alone, or can this colossal mess be turned into something positive? This is about so much more than just five human beings, after all.

PLEASE NOTE: Search and Rescue has a cliffhanger ending.

Search and Rescue is the first book in The Dreadnoughts reverse harem romance series.


Moonstone by Lucy Felthouse

Part of the Jewels Cafe series

Christmas gifts aren’t the only surprises Ginny is going to get this year.

Moonstone Guinevere ‘Ginny’ Miles is in Silver Springs visiting her parents for the holidays. They moved to the town five years ago, and adore their new life here. Used to the hustle and bustle of London, England, Ginny isn’t convinced at first—what’s so great about a small town in Upstate New York, anyway? Despite her own opinions, it’s clear to Ginny the move has done her parents the world of good—they look years younger. There’s clearly something magical about this town.

Following some exploration of her own, Ginny discovers Silver Springs has its charms—Jewels Cafe is amazing, for starters, as is its pumpkin spice latte. Ginny’s drunk a lot of lattes in her thirty-three years, but nothing quite like this.

Her taste buds are still tingling from the tasty treat when she comes across a broken-down truck on the way back to her parents’ place. And when she spots the three gorgeous guys with the vehicle, it’s not just her taste buds that are tingling.

Is Ginny’s vacation in Silver Springs about to get a whole lot more interesting?

Moonstone is a standalone contemporary reverse harem romance. It is part of the Jewels Cafe series.


If the Shoe Fits

Royal Weddings Book 3

After being unceremoniously sacked from her glamorous job at a gossip magazine, Ally Parker returns home to Combe St. Philip in the Cotswolds to lick her wounds. Making ends meet by cleaning and waitressing in the village pub, she is thrown a lifeline when her best friend, Hope, confides that she is marrying Prince Jonas of San Michele and asks her to take on the local PR role.

Ally’s a pro when it comes to celebrities, so this new job is a perfect fit, but things are never that simple. The wedding is under wraps until the official announcement in February, and it’s the untimely arrival of Count Fredrik Jensson, head of security for the royal family, that requires some fast thinking on her part. If there’s going to be village gossip, it’s not going to be about Hope but about that sizzling kiss between Ally and Fredrik!

Deeply disapproving of any involvement in the wedding by an ex-journalist from a gossip magazine, Fredrik’s distrust cannot mask the sparks that fly between them - sparks that quickly flare into an inferno on their trip to the beautifully scenic principality of San Michele for the prince’s wedding announcement.

©2018 Liz Fielding (P)2020 Dreamscape Media, LLC

Best Made Plans.jpg

Best Made Plans

Royal Weddings Book 2

When Flora’s childhood friend Hope asks her to design the menu for her upcoming royal wedding, Flora is quick to say yes. Hasebury Hall, the wedding venue may be dilapidated, but it has all the kitchen space she needs, and she’ll happily make do even though the Hall’s owner and brooding brother of the bride, Max Kennard, is constantly underfoot. She’s known Max for years - had a crush on him in her teens and might have the teeniest soft spot for him still....
When his sister, Hope, announces that she’s going to marry a prince, Max is taken aback to discover that the royal wedding will not take place in the majestic principality of San Michele but at their rundown Wiltshire family home, Hasebury Hall. Now Max has to fix up the manor, let royals and security officials have the run of the place, and find a suitable woman to accompany him to the wedding and all the other ridiculous events that surround it.
Max is single; Flora’s single. They could pair up and go together. What harm can a little pretense do if all it involves is a glamorous trip to San Michele and smiling together at the wedding itself? Apparently, a lot.... Soon, it’s hard to remember what’s real and what’s not.
©2017 Jessica Hart (P)2020 Dreamscape Media, LLC

Falling For Charming.jpg

Falling For Charming

Royal Weddings Book 1

Hope Kennard left Hasebury Hall - her ancestral home in Wiltshire - to travel the world in search of new and exciting adventures. Freedom suits her, right up until she ends up in the sun-kissed island principality of San Michele and meets mysterious forest ranger Jonas Reval. He’s as secretive as she is skittish, but he’s also everything she’s ever wanted in a man.
Jonas knows all about duty and the burdens of marrying to meet family expectations. But he can be himself around Hope, and he sets about wooing her without taking advantage of all the considerable resources at his disposal. It’s just him and her. And what’s more, it works - right up until Hope discovers that one pesky little detail he’s sort of forgotten to mention. He isn’t just a part-time forest ranger and integral member of the family law firm. He’s charming, lying Prince Jonas Reval of San Michele. And the fantasy Hope’s been spinning comes tumbling down.
©2017 Sophie Weston (P)2020 Dreamscape Media, LLC

A Fairytale of Possibilities.jpg

A Fairytale of Possibilities by Kiki Archer

Rom Com from award-winning best-selling author

Wedding planner Lauren Hilliard weaves fairytales out of possibilities. It’s her business and she’s good at it. Her brides love her for making their dreams come true but she’s not managed to make the magic happen for herself - yet.
Trouble is, Lauren’s in love with her best friend and has been for eleven hopeless years. Years in which she’s secretly imagined the fairytale of possibilities if she had the courage to speak...which she hasn’t. So she doesn’t. And she won’t.
But what if the feelings are mutual?
Cue the latest magical rom-com from best-selling, award-winning author, Kiki Archer.

No Accounting For Love.png

No Accounting For Love by Megan Frampton

Bryant Street Romance

Miss Katherine Grant is a lady's companion, one whose number of dishonorable offers (six) greatly outweigh her honorable ones (zero). Now tasked with making certain her charge, Lady Euphemia, does not contract herself to someone inappropriate, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Mr. Henry Dawkins, the inappropriate gentleman Lady Euphemia wants to charm, who keeps the books at Madame Follette's. But it seems that Henry only has eyes for Miss Katherine Grant.
Originally published in the Dressed to Kiss anthology

World Will Fall by Rob Aspinall, Truly Deadly Book 3: Spy and Assassin Action Thriller Series

World Will Fall by Rob Aspinall

Truly Deadly Book 3: Spy and Assassin Action Thriller Series

Outnumbered. Outsmarted. Outgunned.
Now we're chief suspects in a terror attack we prevented.
Well, you won’t believe what's coming next.
There’ll be two weeks of hellish spy and assassin training. A heartbreaking memory of Philippe’s. Plus an undercover mission in the world of the rich and super-dangerous.
And let's not forget our evil assassin friends at JPAC.
Turns out they've got this super-weapon that could mean the end of the world.
And there’s something terrifying lurching around the next corner.
All I can say is, run. And if you dare...jump.
You’ll love Lorna’s latest adventure because it’s packed with more adventure and humor than ever before.
Get World Will Fall now.
Recommended for age 16-plus. Not for the faint-hearted.
Be sure to listen to books one and two first.
©2016 Rob Aspinall (P)2020 Rob Aspinall

Whom Shall I Kiss cover art.jpg

Whom Shall I Kiss... An Earl, A Marquess or A Duke?

By Laura A Barnes

What started as a research project soon became a scandal....
She wanted to prove a theory. He wanted to play a game. Can their schemes lead them towards a kiss of love?
Tired of watching her friends become ruined by the scoundrels of the ton, Sidney Hartridge devises an experiment to reveal their antics. Her plan is to lure three gentlemen to kiss her and see how they would protect her honor. When her research leads her into her own inappropriate scandal, her father agrees to a wedding offer from one of her subjects. As her fiancé blackmails her into a marriage she doesn’t desire, her research becomes exposed. Can Sidney avoid her own scandal with the one she most desires to kiss?
Noah Wildeburg started this season as any other by flirting with the sweet new debutantes. When he rescues a lady off the dance floor, he is unprepared for the emotions she stirs in his soul. As he pursues her, he realizes he must compete for her hand. As he charms her with tokens of affections and stolen kisses, he discovers she plays her own game. Will Noah win Sidney’s love or is she just another scandal to add to his list?
Whom Shall I Kiss… An Earl, A Marquess, or A Duke? is the first book in Laura A. Barnes new historical romance series. If you like lighthearted, drama-filled courtships set in Regency England, then you’ll love this new foray into the ton.

The Big Uneasy.jpg

The Big Uneasy

The sequel to The Road Ahead

They say opposites attract, but can lightning strike twice?
Rebecca has convinced Arabella to accompany her on a trip to New Orleans. Both women are struggling to figure out their new relationship, as Rebecca gives Arabella the space she requests, and Arabella comes to terms with her unexpected feelings for the younger woman.
Meeting Rebecca’s friend Jenn gives them the chance to learn more about each other, while Jenn starts to fall for her own older woman from out of town.
The second book in the Around the World Series, following on from the smash hit success The Road Ahead.

Lost in the starlight.jpg

Lost In The Starlight

by Kiki Archer

A-list singing superstar, Honey Diamond, has it all - the albums, the talent shows, the upcoming Hollywood film.
But it’s her gentle light, endearingly shining through all the glitz and glam, that warms the hearts of so many.
A shy girl, who’s only ever known fame, born into a world that’s not true to life.
Will Honey ever experience the love she so knowingly sings about? Will the vindictive online gossip sites ever leave her alone?
Lost in the Starlight is the latest heartfelt romance from best-selling, award-winning author, Kiki Archer, peppered with her trademark laugh-out-loud humor and warming observations about falling in love

The Man I Loved Before

The Man I Loved Before by Anna Mansell

The Man I Loved Before

"Dear Ben, I can only write you this letter because I know you’ll never read it...."
When Jem writes to her ex, Ben, it’s to explain everything. All the secrets she kept from him - from the little lies she’d sometimes tell about how new those shoes really were, or how many glasses of wine she’d had that evening...right up to The Big Thing that happened on the night that changed everything. But she never expects he will actually see what she’s written.
She is just writing because she thinks it will help to get the words out. Later, she resolves, she’ll burn the letter, and then the past will be in the past for good.
Because Jem is doing fine now. She’s busy: working, spending time with her best friend, and looking after her mother, who’s in remission from cancer. She’s even dating again and has just met a guy who she thinks she could actually fall for. At long last, Jem is really, definitely somewhere close to happy.
But her mum finds the letter and thinks she’s doing Jem a favor when she posts it to Ben. And Jem’s new, carefully rebuilt life begins to unravel in ways she could never have imagined. Then, when her mother gets ill again, she finds herself asking who has the key to her future. The man she’s falling in love with now? Or the man she loved before?
A heartbreaking, beautifully honest novel that will stay with listeners long after they finish it. Perfect for fans of Diane Chamberlain, Amanda Prowse, and Susan Lewis.
©2020 Anna Mansell (P)2020 Bookouture

Say You'll Love Me Again.jpg

Say You'll Love Me Again by Kiki Archer

More lesbian fiction from best-selling, award winning author Kiki Archer

Do you know how to keep a secret? Sophie, a 23-year-old piano teacher, does, and it’s kept her hidden for the past five years, but now, she’s gone and broken her golden rule: Never let anyone "see" you.
Jazz, a wild and carefree comedian, does more than "see" Sophie, but that’s because your soulmate’s the stranger you recognize, right?
With the woman she used to be threatening to surface, will Sophie succumb to the pull of passion and risk everything for Jazz, or will she hide from happiness to avoid further intertwining their lives, which might ultimately cause the unraveling of everything? 
Say You’ll Love Me Again is an exciting, flirty book by the best-selling, award-winning author Kiki Archer, filled with laugh-out-loud moments and intrigue that will keep you guessing until the very end.
©2019 Kiki Archer (P)2020 Kiki Archer

Too Late.._edited.jpg

Too Late... I Love You by Kiki Archer

Lesbian fiction from best-selling, award winning author Kiki Archer

Connie Parker isn’t convinced by this falling in love lark. Falling hurts, you end up with bruises and scars.

She has the perfect answer: she’ll write about love instead. But what happens when the novel-in-progress describes more about Connie’s own dull existence than she wants to admit? And when will she realise that her hero is beginning to resemble her new best friend Maria – a woman who seems to turn every simple outing with their 3-year-olds into a fun-filled adventure for them all?

In trying to make sense of the puzzle of her life, Connie learns there is no perfect person. Just that person who'll fit you perfectly.

Truly Deadly.jpg

Truly Deadly by Rob Aspinall

Best selling Young Adult Thriller

You know you’re having a bad day when…

a) Your social life is DOA

b) You’re falling for someone you really shouldn’t

c) A secret agency is trying to kill you

Ever since the heart transplant, Lorna hasn’t been the same.

The crazy behaviours.

The insane new spy skills.

And the violent memories.

Could they really be her donor’s?

Soon Lorna’s on the trail of a mysterious object her donor hid before his death.

Not long after, she’s top of a secret agency kill list.

With only her new killer instincts to rely on, will she survive long enough to discover the truth?

And what’s the shocking revelation waiting for her in Norway?

Truly Deadly is the first in a YA action thriller series readers are calling “CHERUB meets Bourne."


Infinite Kill by Rob Aspinall

Truly Deadly book 2

I’m officially dead.
Unofficially, I’m alive and on the run.
There are new questions. New dangers. New scars that cut deep.
There’s also my new travel buddy, a total psycho who could kill me any moment.
And did I mention I’m hated all over the internet?
Meanwhile, the evil JPAC are planning something terrible that puts us all eyeballs deep in trouble.
So, do I lay low and keep running? Or risk everything and fight back?
Whatever I do next, it’s gonna determine the rest of my (potentially very short) life.
It could decide yours too.
If you like action, humour and suspense, you'll love this young adult spy series, perfect for fans of Robert Muchamore and Anthony Horowitz.
Recommended for age 16+. Not for the faint-hearted.

Netherfield Proposal cover.jpg

Netherfield Proposal by Campbell Davies

A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Mr. Darcy is ready to propose on the night of his friend's ball at Netherfield. His ardent admiration for Elizabeth Bennet has grown to consume him and he must have her for his wife. However, within moments after his proposal, he is mortified by Miss Elizabeth's refusal. He is on one knee, struggling to comprehend how his glorious night has gone so disastrously wrong, when Mrs. Bennet finds them.

Elizabeth cannot budge Mrs. Bennet's insistence that she marry the abominable, proud Mr. Darcy. He has treated her friend Mr. Wickham with such cruelty, her family with repugnance and disdain, and seeks to find fault in Elizabeth at every turn. However, with her mother's decree that she is to be thrown out of Longbourn if she does not marry Mr. Darcy and—worse—the happiness of two of her sisters on the line, Elizabeth decides to give the abominable Mr. Darcy one more chance.

Netherfield Proposal is a full-length sweet and clean romance novel exploring the trials and tribulations of Darcy and Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy and his Elizabeth must face misunderstandings, prejudice, and scandal as they seek to find an understanding with one another.

THBTOT cover art.jpg

The House Beneath The Oak Trees by Faye Belle

A ghost story

Penny couldn’t believe her luck when they first arrived at Oak Tree House, the grand country estate where she would be spending the week to celebrate her sister’s 30th birthday along with her mum and aunt. Guarded by two gigantic oak trees, the empty house stands alone within Oakdene, a quiet and desolate village. She ignores her mischievous aunt as she jokingly tries to convince them that their rented apartment is haunted the moment they step foot inside. Always rational, Penny tries to place logical explanations to unexplainable events that start occurring from the very first day. When these encounters become more and more frequent, and more terrifying, Penny cannot avoid it anymore. Someone, or something, is staying in the apartment with them and Penny needs to find out what it is and more importantly, what it wants from her?

The Road Ahead.jpg

The Road Ahead by A E Radley

Award winning Lesbian Fiction

Two women from very different backgrounds forced to share a long journey home. Will they work together or pull each other apart?  
Rebecca is stuck in Portugal. All planes to England are grounded, and it's only two days until Christmas. Desperate to get home but without money to hire a car, she's stuck. She sees an opportunity when she meets a snobby businesswoman with a broken leg, a platinum credit card, and a desire to get home. 
A tentative agreement is struck in order to reach their destination before the festive deadline. Will they make it, or will they kill each other along the way?   
A heartwarming enemies-to-lovers romance with a twist. Discover The Road Ahead and make your own journey home today.

supernova coverart.jpg

Supernova by Ericka Waller

Best selling Teen Fiction

1997 - somewhere dull on the outskirts of London (think middle-class home counties dull as dishwater suburbia). School oddities April, Jamie, and Tom, are trying to work out how to be 15. 
April is battling anxiety, is obsessed with Sylvia Plath, and has a crush on Tom. Tom's dad died 18 months ago. His mum has turned into a ghost and his little sister has become his big responsibility. His life is held together by secrets and Britpop, and oh yeah - Tom is in love with April. Jamie is angry, and she wants everyone to know it. There's more to her story, but Jamie won't tell. Yuki, Tom's weird neighbour, thinks he has life sorted and imparts his pearls of wisdom by channelling Jim Morrison, leather trousers and all. 
Four friends, one year. Sex, drugs, rock n' roll. What can possibly go wrong? 
If you've ever felt overwhelmed, anxious, or out of your depth, if the four right chords can make you cry, this is the book for you.

always in my heart coverart.jpg

Always In My Heart by M Claire Gager

Romantic Thriller by popular Christian author

US Marshal Matthew Gabriel is hunting down Kyle McGregor, a ruthless killer who took the lives of both his parents before his very eyes.
After McGregor escapes from a prison facility in California, Marshal Gabriel has a showdown with the convicted felon that leaves him nearly half dead in the woods of Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino mountains. Before passing out, the Marshal vows to bring McGregor to justice for his crimes.

Zeena and the Dryad.jpg

Zeena and the Dryad by Victoria Zigler

Book 1 in the Zeena Dragon Fae series

Zeena the faerie dragon doesn’t think she’s special, even though she’s the only one of her kind to have mastered the magic for all five elements equally. But when a dryad named Kishi comes to her for help, she doesn’t hesitate. 
Together with her best friend - a mischievous pixie named Saarik - Zeena sets off to free Heidi the earth fairy, as well as to save the woods and the creatures of Earth. 
This is the first audiobook in the Zeena Dragon Fae series.

Zeena and the Gryphon.jpg

Zeena and the Gryphon by Victoria Zigler

Book 2 in the Zeena Dragon Fae series

With their quest to free the earth fairy barely completed, Zeena and Saarik are approached by another creature in need of their help - this time a gryphon named Aquillo. So the two friends set off on a quest to free the air fairy Ora and save the mountain-dwelling creatures from the goblins.
This is the second book in the Zeena Dragon Fae series

Zeena and the Mermaid.jpg

Zeena and The Mermaid by Victoria Zigler

Book 3 in the Zeena Dragon Fae series

The adventures of Zeena and Saarik have already taken them through the woods and up the mountains. Now they’re answering a plea for help from a mermaid named Naia. With the help of both Naia’s magic and Zeena’s own magic, the two friends head on an underwater quest to free the water fairy, Lana, and make the ocean safe once more.  
This is the third book in the Zeena Dragon Fae series.

Zeena and the Phoenix.jpg

Zeena and the Phoenix by Victoria Zigler

Book 4 in the Zeena Dragon Fae Series

After all their recent adventures, Zeena and Saarik aren’t surprised when a plea for help comes again; this time from a phoenix named Uri. But the two friends have more than the freeing of the fire fairy, Tandie, and the safety of the fire creatures who live in the volcano to worry about.  
An elven village lies near the base of the now very unstable volcano, and the fate of the elves is in Zeena and Saarik’s hands.  
This is the fourth and final audiobook in the Zeena Dragon Fae series.

pixie shoes coverart.jpg

Pixie Shoes by Rachel Ellyn

A beautiful first reads fairy tale

Neesa was a klutz. She couldn't even do the simplest of tasks all pixies needed to learn to become...well, pixies. And in a land where accomplishing tasks were rewarded with beautiful gems for their shoes, Neesa had no hope of her plain shoes becoming adorned like the other pixies.
Cordelia, Neesa’s teacher and mentor, didn’t know what to do. Until it came upon her that maybe, just maybe, Neesa was special. Very special. Even in the world of pixies, there are some who are misunderstood - until their true purpose is revealed. Can Cordelia help Neesa find her place even without jeweled shoes?

Stately Pleasures cover art.jpg

Stately Pleasures

Award-winner from Lucy Felthouse

There are worse things a girl can do to get a boost up the career ladder.
Alice Brown has just landed her dream job as property manager at Davenport Manor, a British stately home. It’s only a nine-month contract to cover maternity leave, but it will provide her with the vital experience she needs to progress in her chosen career.
However, her dream job soon threatens to become a nightmare when she discovers her boss, Jeremy Davenport, in a compromising position. Her shock is exacerbated when Jeremy, far from being embarrassed or apologetic about what happened, manipulates the situation until somehow, she’s the one in the wrong. He and his best friend Ethan Hayes, the head of security at Davenport Manor, give her an ultimatum. Faced with the possibility of losing her job and endangering her future prospects, Alice reluctantly agrees to their indecent proposal.
When the dust settles, Alice comes to the conclusion that playing their kinky games isn’t such a bad thing, after all. But what happens when she thinks she’s falling for both men?

Chasing the Chambermaid coverart.jpg

Chasing The Chambermaid

By Lucy Felthouse

Can an exciting new outlook on life help Connie heal her damaged heart?
Connie White is running away from an abusive relationship. Fear and desperation have driven her to Bowdley Hall Hotel in the Scottish Highlands, where, despite an unceremonious start, she appears to have fallen on her feet. The owner, Frances McKenzie, is kind and understanding and seems happy for Connie to hide out in her hotel for a while.
With a roof over her head and a job as a chambermaid, Connie is in a better situation than she could ever have hoped for. Her workmates seem nice, but she’s determined to keep them at arm’s length. After all, how can she form connections if she’s unwilling to divulge anything about herself?
Her apparent mysteriousness doesn’t faze her gorgeous new colleagues Will MacIntyre, Nico Moretti, and Ashley Fox. All three show a keen interest in her, but Connie has absolutely no intention of going there. She hasn’t fled one relationship only to get involved with someone else, no matter how gorgeous. She simply isn’t ready for that.
When an epiphany of sorts makes her realize she’s living a half-life by keeping herself so cut off from everyone, she finally lets someone in. That someone shows her there can be something between singledom and a full-on relationship. And when casual dating is on the cards, anything is possible...

Eyes wide open coverart.jpg

Eyes Wide Open

By Lucy Felthouse

A chance meeting opens Fiona’s eyes to some very sexy possibilities. 
Recent graduate Fiona Gillespie is stuck working in a grimy pub in London’s East End, and living in a horrid flat. It’s only while she figures out what she wants to do career-wise, but that’s easier said than done. 
When she sees an advertisement for a job at a plush Mayfair hotel, she jumps at the chance. Determination and a spot of luck land Fiona her dream role - and it comes with accommodation included. 
Her job and living situation sorted, things are on the up. Unfortunately, her personal life is lackluster. It doesn’t bother her, though - not until she meets businessmen James and Logan, and her head is well and truly turned. 
When a misunderstanding leads Fiona to James and Logan’s sumptuous top-floor hotel suite, she has no idea what she’s about to uncover. Her imagination runs wild, but not wild enough to get to the truth - James and Logan are a couple, and they’re into some seriously intriguing activities. 
Fascinated, she launches herself into a whole new world with the two men. But is this just physical, or is their arrangement set to become something more?